We will be launching a new registration system for our 2019-2020 session and will no longer use the main coderdojo.com site for registration.

Details coming soon!

Restrictions and Considerations of Students

We want our CoderDojo sessions to be as accessible as possible to all students who want to attend regardless of ability level.

Students attending CoderDojo must be at least 8 years of age, and able to read at a typical school reading level for their age.

Our material is written simply for students of this age to understand, but we cannot guarantee that we’ll have mentors available to do one-on-one coaching if your student has difficulty reading.

We encourage adults to stay and help their students if reading or sitting for prolonged periods of time could require your help.

Requirements for Adults

Each adult bringing students to CoderDojo are required to register on our tracking system. It is your responsibility to provide us with current contact information including email address and phone numbers where we can keep you informed of important announcements and also reach you in case of emergency.

As a parent/guardian, you are required to assist our CoderDojo group to help set up and clean up occasionally. When every parent helps us run the group in some capacity, it makes less work for everyone and gives our founders a break from time to time.

Adults must stay on site if a student is under the age of 10 years of age. This restriction may very depending on our event venue.


Many venues where we meet ask us to pay them for using the venue, plus we have regular costs like teaching material, resource books, and so on. We will always be transparent with the parents/guardians that we are bound by the following criteria: