Parents, we need your help!

CoderDojo sessions are self-organized and started with parent involvement. Bill Liao, the founder of CoderDojo, has a saying that “CoderDojo is free, but it’s not a ‘free ride’.” He stresses parental involvement.

Our goal is to promote technology as a fun and educational activity that can solve problems and provide a path to a good career. The Dojo helps kids with problem solving, teamwork, collaboration and engineering skills as well as with self confidence. There are kids in other Dojo’s starting companies and putting their apps on mobile app stores!

Parents are needed to set up before and clean up after a ‘dojo session. This takes less than twenty minutes for a single person to hang/remove some signs and let people into the building, put away materials and laptops and lock everything up.

The following information is subject to change:

What you need to know about the Dojo:

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