Registering for CoderDojo Denver will take a few minutes and involves registering on some other web sites.

Please follow these instructions carefully!

Disclaimer: By registering for and attending CoderDojo Denver, you are giving permission for your student’s image to possibly be used by CoderDojo and it’s sponsors and hosts in marketing and other educational materials including but not limited to website, social media, and video instruction.

Step One: Register at

If your child is 13 Years Old or older they should register their own CoderDojo account. Otherwise, please fill out the following information as yourself instead:

Visit’s Registration Page

Fill out the registration form. There will be two parts:

Registration Step 1


Registration Step 2


Step Two: Add your children/students

You should end on a “profile” page where you can fill in additional information. You can optionally add your children or youths at the bottom of this page

Add Children/Youth

Click the “Add Child” button to add a child under 13 and fill in the following form:

Child details


Step Three: Join our Dojo

IMPORTANT You must “join” our dojo to finish the registration process.

Visit our dojo page and you should see a blue “Join Dojo” button near the top right corner of the page. If you use the map to find our dojo, you may not see the “Join Dojo” button, so please use the link above. You should see something like this on the page:

Join Our Dojo

Click the “Join Dojo” button. You will be asked what “role” you’d like when joining the dojo. Most parents will join as a “Parent/Guardian”, but we’re always excited to have new “Volunteer” members.

Choose your role


Whew, thanks for following all those steps. Please reach out to Ian Douglas if you experience any trouble registering.