How to Register for CoderDojo Denver

Registering for CoderDojo Denver will take a few minutes and involves registering on some other web sites.

Please follow these instructions carefully!

Disclaimer: By registering for and attending CoderDojo Denver, you are giving permission for your student’s image to possibly be used by CoderDojo and it’s sponsors and hosts in marketing and other educational materials including but not limited to website, social media, and video instruction.

Step One: Register at

If your child is 13 Years Old or older they can register their own CoderDojo account. Otherwise, please fill out the following information as yourself instead:

  1. Go to our CoderDojo page at
  2. On this page you should see a blue “Join Dojo”. Click that button.
  3. The form to fill out will ask for YOUR information as the parent/guaradian, not the name of the child who will be attending.
  4. A password is required because you will need to log into this web site whenever you attend CoderDojo.
  5. Please DO check the checkbox to join the mailing list so we can keep in contact with you via email.
  6. On page two it will ask for YOUR date of birth, not the child attending. Select “United States” for the location and then type “Denver, CO” in the following field.
  7. Click the blue “Register” button once you are finished.

Step Two: Add a child

If you registered above as a parent, you can add a child/student to your profile. If your child is over 13 you can “invite” their CoderDojo account to be part of your profile.

Once you have registered at you will see a profile page. At the very bottom of the page is a way to add a student/child to the system. It should be a blue button labeled “Add Child” or if your child is over the age of 13 and has their own email address you can “Invite” them.

  1. Click on the “Add Child” button
  2. Enter their first and last name
  3. For the “Alias” field, we recommend a nickname your student/child likes to be called, but we strongly recommend you make it something anonymous to protect their identity if you choose to let them participate in the student forums.

Step Three: Join our Dojo

Once you’ve added at least one student/child, you can click the following URL:

On this page you can click the “Join Dojo” button again, but now it will ask what “Role” you would like to have. Most of the time you will choose “Parent/Guardian” but you can choose to join as a Volunteer as well if you’d like!


Whew, thanks for following all those steps. Please reach out to Ian Douglas if you experience any trouble registering.