Information for Parents

Our goal is to promote technology as a fun and educational activity that can solve problems and provide a path to a good career. The Dojo helps kids with problem solving, teamwork, collaboration and engineering skills as well as with self confidence. There are kids in other Dojo’s starting companies and putting their apps on mobile app stores!

(the following information is subject to change for our 2017-2018 session)

  • The Dojo usually starts with a short (5-10 minute) talk or presentation on a topic of the kids choosing. Then, the kids will work at their own pace on their own projects. This is unstructured time, creative time. There are NO grades, NO expectations. There are kids teaching and mentoring kids.
  • We follow the Denver Public School calendar running a Fall and Spring Session. We do not operate during summer
  • If you would like to volunteer, please let us know. If you have the resources to donate so that we can continue to expand, please click on donate.
  • You (or another adult family member or guardian) MUST stay. We do not provide childcare. We don’t have behavior problems because the parents are there in the room. We encourage you to socialize with the other parents, organize potlucks, even start your own Dojo!
  • Please bring your own laptop. We are searching for donated laptops. The donated laptops will be provided on a first come first served basis. If you do not have a laptop and we don’t have one available, we will pair your child with another child.
  • Does your child have good keyboarding skills? This is an important skill regardless of coding! Here is a website that offers a free 90 day trial. []](

By registering for and attending CoderDojo Denver, you are giving permission for your student’s image to possibly be used by CoderDojo and it’s sponsors and hosts in marketing and other educational materials including but not limited to website, social media, and video instruction.