This is hands-on learning. No grades, no expectations. You get to create your own projects, work on cool stuff, build, create, make.

There is no limit to the number of dojo sessions you can attend but you MUST register.

Bring a friend. Bring 5 friends! We want this thing to get big! We even want you to start your own dojo!

There are no grades. You learn at your own pace.


CoderDojo has 2 rules:

  1. Above all, BE COOL. Treat others with respect and be friendly to others around you. Help to minimize distractions and other behavior that makes it hard for others to learn.

  2. Ask questions! Don’t worry if you don’t know something or don’t understand.
    Ask 3, then me: Ask the kid on your left, then the kid on your right, then ask Google. If you’re still stuck, ask a mentor.